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Baldwin’s Run “Daylighting” Project (Von Nieda Park—Phase II)

In spring 2011, CFP began the concept development for the Von Nieda Park—Phase II Baldwin’s Run “daylighting” Project. Daylighting is the process by which a river that was filled is re-established. In this case it is the re-establishment of the former Baldwin’s Run stream that historically ran through this location. In January 2012, CFP was awarded a $150,000 grant from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) to fund the design of this innovative project. After a competitive Request for Proposals process in April 2012, CFP has engaged the firm of Remington & Vernick Engineers to complete the engineering and design of the project. The design of the Phase II daylighting is scheduled to be complete by the end of the year, allowing the construction of the project to advance in tandem with Phase I of the project.

CFP submitted the necessary permitting applications to NJDEP and the Army Corps of Engineers and is currently working on incorporating regulating agencies’ feedback into the plans. Current plans include considerations for endangered species, wetlands, development within a floodplain, sewer outfall discharge, and flooding. The project features the daylighting of the stream, wetlands restoration, and the construction of a multi-use trail connecting into Von Nieda Park. CFP just submitted applications to the NJDEP Environmental Infrastructure Trust for $1.5 million to support the daylighting of the Baldwin’s Run Tributary Stream, an application to Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission for $260,000 for the construction of a multi-use trail, and an application to the NJDEP Wetlands Mitigation Council for $300,000 for restoration of area wetlands.

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