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The Business Facade Improvement Program makes grants to Camden businesses to improve their facades. Supported by the Camden Urban Enterprise Zone, the Facade Improvement Program offers grants up to $25,000.

The Program helps qualified business owners finance the reconstruction and rehabilitation of their facades while conforming with the applicable design standards for the neighborhood where the business is located. Eligible projects include: Front facing roof/awning, Painting (limited to historical color pallet or fixed color pallet), Brick pointing & Masonry repair, Window replacement, Entry Door replacement, Step repair/replacement, Railing repair and replacement, Bilko or basement door repair /replacement, New/improved signage, lighting, removal of roll down gates & replacement with new ornamental security gates, restoration of tin/metal bays and trim, limited landscaping, limited fencing, and limited parking lot repair.

Eligible businesses must be a certified member of the Camden UEZ program and must complete a Business Registration Certificate with N.J. Office of Taxation.

More information can be found on the Facade Improvement Website. Please contact Senior Project Director Sue Brennan at 856-757-9154 with any questions.


A network of trails spread throughout Camden and its surrounding suburbs, the Camden GreenWay is a beautiful and unique way to experience the City. The Camden GreenWay consists of walking and biking trails connecting Camden, Philadelphia, and the South Jersey suburbs, including the Cooper River Park Trail, Schuylkill River Trail, and the East Coast Greenway. Come explore and walk along the waters of the Cooper River, the back channel of the Delaware River, and Newton Creek. Check out the wildlife in their natural habitat and relax in the peaceful setting.

The Camden GreenWay Trail Network connects over 128 miles of bicycle trails, provides mobility alternatives to the residents of South Jersey, improves public health. and helps the environment. Economic development along the trail corridor will increase property values and employment opportunities. The GreenWay is a fantastic new addition to Camden and its suburbs, and an ideal way to visit and explore the city!

Benefits of the GreenWay:

  • Decreased traffic congestion.
  • Strengthen the local economy.
  • Cleaner air and water.
  • Reduced fossil fuel use.
  • Healthier families and residents.
  • Connected and vibrant communities.

The Camden GreenWay is a vital link in the Circuit, the Greater Philadelphia's Regional Trail Network. Learn more about the Circuit here.

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Art Gallery Series: Coopers Ferry Partnership, in collaboration with other community stakeholders, have hosted several arts initiatives, including a Holiday Art Gallery and the Camden Spring Art Gallery Series as ways to utilize the city's vacant commercial and retail spaces to showcase local and regional talent. This program also seeks to improve the environment for local retail and to attract new residents.

Arts Roundtable: The Arts Roundtable brings together many of Camden's most prominent artists, art administrators and community leaders, while drawing on the experience and resources of the public and private sectors to assist in the planning and implementation of arts initiatives in Camden City.

Summer Concert Series: Sponsored by Coopers Ferry Partnership, Cooper University Hospital, Campbell Soup, Symphony in C, and the City of Camden, the Summer Concert Series has presented numerous outdoor concerts in Cooper Commons Park in the Cooper Grant neighborhood for the past two summers. The events featured a variety of musical styles and drew its audience from both city and suburbs.


Rails-To-Trails Conservancy, Cooper’s Ferry Partnership and the Police Athletic League of Camden wrapped up another successful summer of the second annual CYCLE program. Funded by generous contributions from the William Penn Foundation and Campbell’s Soup Foundation, CYCLE teaches local school children from the Parkside, Bergan Square, Liberty Park, and Cramer Hill neighborhoods about bike safety, a healthy and active lifestyle, and encourages the continued use of the Camden GreenWay trail network. The GreenWay is comprised of existing and proposed active transportation trails connecting the City of Camden to both Philadelphia and South Jersey. CYCLE is a 16-session training program that not only teaches students the skills needed to ride a bicycle but also how to build the critical leadership qualities necessary to help children grow. By participating in the program children will become stewards for the network and learn the importance of using the GreenWay to reduce automobile congestion, improve public health and protect the environment.


Cooper’s Ferry Partnership is working on a collaborative EAH program with the city’s anchor institutions designed to secure commitments from institutions to provide financial incentives to their employees who choose to purchase a home in the neighborhood adjacent to their employer. With a recent grant from the William Penn Foundation, this funding will allow CFP to coordinate the City's employers, government programs, outside funding sources, and local financial institutions available to interested homebuyers. To display this information, CFP is designing and creating LiveCamden.org, an all-inclusive website with information about buying a home and living in the City of Camden. This site will also provide information on neighborhood profiles, employer incentives and additional financial incentives, as well as detailed information about Camden’s historic neighborhoods and downtown.

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