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Economic Development

Through an assortment of completed, ongoing, and developing projects, Cooper's Ferry Partnership is committed to leveraging crucial economic development, using strategic planning to lay the groundwork for major redevelopment projects & initiatives in a revitalized Camden. CFP uses these projects to forward its mission of improving the City of Camden as a place to live, work, visit, and invest.

CFP is engaged in projects throughout the City of Camden. Involvement in many ongoing and completed waterfront, downtown, and neighborhood development efforts are a result of CFP's dedication to economic development and strategic planning.

CFP works towards its mission through a wide range of activities including development of major Waterfront attractions, design and planning of municipal infrastructure, implementing improved streetscapes and roadways, and improved marketing to attract new businesses and support local business growth. CFP recognizes the need for an established, strengthened economic base to support the infrastructure of the city and provide employment opportunities, and is working to cultivate vibrancy and a strong sense of place through physical upgrades and programming to attract new people, investors, and businesses.

Through all its work, CFP is committed to engaging the community of the City of Camden. Utilizing strategic planning techniques through coordination with neighborhood groups and individuals, CFP ensures that the Camden community voices their opinions, wants, and needs concerning projects. Citizens are engaged in all project development processes through such activities as community meetings and visioning efforts.

CFP also provides technical and professional support in developing master neighborhood plans and redevelopment studies for individual neighborhoods. CFP’s involvement with the Camden Home Improvement Program (CHIP) ensures that CFP is developing relationships and completing projects in every neighborhood in Camden.

CFP's strategic planning efforts in Camden neighborhoods is described here:

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